Application process


The application process for using Brand Chile is quite simple. See below for a description of each step required.

Brief Description of each Step

Submit Application and Documents
You must complete an application form and send it to together with the requested documents.
Once the form and documents are received, your application will be evaluated within 5 business days. Product quality standards, your organization’s reputation, and consistency with the Nation Brand will be considered.
Does Not Qualify: Notification via e‐mail
A notification will be sent when requirements are not met or documents are missing.
Delivery of Contract, Brand Handbook and Graphic Solution
Once the organization’s credentials have been established, we will send a contract for use of Brand Chile free of charge, as well as the Brand Handbook and the recommended Graphic Solution. With these materials you will be able to prepare graphic content/mock-ups showing how the Brand will be used.
Send Mock-ups
Once ready, you must send the graphic content/mock-ups for approval. You will have 10 business day to complete this step.
Approval of Mock-ups
Once received, the graphic content/mock-ups will be evaluated within 5 business days.
Do not Qualify: Notification via e-mail
If the graphic content/mock-ups are not approved, you will be notified so that corrections can be made.
Signing of the Contract
Once an agreement for the free of charge use of the Nation Brand License is signed, a two year-license will be issued.
Additional Approval of Mock-ups
During the life of the contract, if the Brand is to be used in a new way, our office must be notified and the new graphic content/mock-ups must be submitted for approval. A response will be sent within 5 business days.
Submission of Photographic Records
Photographic records that confirm use of the brand must be sent within the first year. This is a requirement for renewal.
You must inform us of your intention to renew the license at least 30 days prior to its expiration.
If the requested photographic records are nor provided, the contract will expire on the previously specified date.