Who are its members?

ChileGlobal is comprised of distinguished Chilean business leaders, professionals and graduate students who live overseas and are interested in forging links that will contribute to Chile’s development.

All of its members play an active role in specific areas and demonstrate a continued desire to participate based on their affinity for Chile.

What are the benefits of membership?
  • Access to an exclusive network of over 1000 distinguished members from diverse areas, located in major economic centers.
  • Access to public and private contacts in Chile that can facilitate ties with projects and events taking place within the country.
  • Access to a private platform that serves as a meeting place for advanced human capital and provides an opportunity for debate among people located in different countries.
  • Permanent access to information pertinent to their interests.
  • Opportunities to contribute to Chile’s development with ideas, contacts, and experiences.
  • Increased possibilities for re-entering the Chilean labor market and/or creating links with the country.
How do members contribute?

Each member provides support to the network with its contacts, experience, ideas and knowledge.

How does the network operate?

The network is administered by a team of professionals in the ChileGlobal department of Imagen de Chile. They are responsible for identifying, contacting, and mobilizing members and creating links between them. It works in collaboration with other networks of Chilean researchers abroad, trade offices, chambers of commerce, consulates and embassies.

Members interact at meetings held in those countries in which they live and via a private digital platform which allows them to establish contacts, exchange ideas, push forward initiatives, look for work or business opportunities and access pertinent information.

The programs and activities carried out by the network stem from proposals made by its own members, which are presented at meetings or through chat groups on the digital platform.