What is nation branding?

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Nation branding
is a strategy used to positively influence others’ perceptions of Chile. Specific attributes of the country are highlighted, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting talent, exports, foreign investment and tourism.

This is essential in today’s highly competitive world, in which a unique and competitive country identity must be built and strengthened. This identity must portray Chile as an attractive destination in all areas.

Thus, it is important to note that Brand Chile is much more than a graphic design. It is a symbol of what we are. As such, building Brand Chile is a collective challenge. It is a task that calls for all the riches and diversity that is Chile to be combined into a symbol that communicates to the world the vitality of an entire country, thereby opening up a path for more and better opportunities.

A positive image is a huge asset because it helps to generate jobs, increase exports, attract foreign investment, promote interest in tourism and, overall, boost the country’s political and cultural influence.